Brenda Brown

When I joined I was suffering from postpartum depression, I was overweight, out of shape and feeling very hopeless and scared as a mother. As a new and terrified mom, I was not comfortable putting my son in daycare at a gym while I attempted to muster some sort of brain function to plan a workout for myself. I was needing a workout that I could do with my son, someone to lead me towards health and fitness again, and I needed people to share my new mom thoughts and experiences with. One year later, I am off of my anti depressants, I am back in shape again and the friends I have made have absolutely changed my life. My husband says joining Fit4mom was the best thing I ever did for myself. This group is supportive, kind, encouraging and inspiring.

The weight loss and body toning has been a huge boost for my confidence, but honestly the support, advice and camaraderie from the fellow moms is probably my favorite part. Every time I feel low or sad, if I go to a Fit4mom class, I end up feeling 10000 times better. I really like that my son can make friends with fellow kids here too. Too many favorites to pick just one!!!

Before getting pregnant again, I was seeing huge success with my cardio endurance and strength. I lost almost 40lbs and was finally confident again. I managed to get off of my anti depressants and handle my anxiety and stress through exercise. I feel like this group has helped me be a better me, and therefore a better mom.

Besides the weight loss (before getting pregnant again) I loved my toned arms and lifted rear end! What once went south somehow went north again!

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