I am going to take you back a little. Back to a time where snack foods didn't haunt you as you looked into your fridge or pantry. Back at a time when you could eat anything you wanted and didn't worry about it. Take a trip to memory lane...what was some of your favorite snacks as a kid?

Pizza rolls may be one of those snacks! We all love them but know they are not the healthiest snack we can eat. However, here is a way you can enjoy the taste and flavor but have a healthier ingredients.


This time of the year brings allergies, colds, and sinuses. Some of these symptoms can really bring you down during the day, making it hard to breathe and get things done. Here are some great yoga poses/stretches you can do to help relieve some of that sinus pressure you've got! Repeat as necessary.


One of the hardest part of getting your life back to normal after having your baby is how weak your core can be after birth. Whether you had a C-section or vaginal delivery, the weakness can vary but are both can be difficult to get back. Things such as getting of the couch or picking up your baby can be tough. Of course, you need to follow your doctor's orders about number of weeks off (normally 4-6 weeks) but here are some great exercises to get you started!

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Stroller Barre

We are launching Stroller Barre Sept 13th! Don't miss this fun ballet-themed workout class!

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