Yoga Poses for Sinus Relief

This time of the year brings allergies, colds, and sinuses. Some of these symptoms can really bring you down during the day, making it hard to breathe and get things done. Here are some great yoga poses/stretches you can do to help relieve some of that sinus pressure you've got! Repeat as necessary.

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Shoulder Stand

This pose will help relieve sinus blockages. Sit down on a soft mat and lie back. Bend your knees and hug them to your chest. Bring your feet overhead so your shoulders support your body weight. Bring your palms to your lower back with your upper arms remaining on the floor. Engage your core muscles and reach the balls of your feet to the ceiling. Keep gaze straight up to protect your neck.

Hold for 20 seconds or longer.

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Down Dog

This pose helps blood flow to your sinuses. Come to your hands and knees on a yoga mat or floor. Press into your palms and move your hips up toward the ceiling, Pressing your torso in between your arms. Straighten your legs and extend your heels down to the floor. You may notice your heels not touching and that is okay!

Hold for 1 minute.


Standing Forward Fold

The forward bend pose directs your immune system's attention to your sinuses, which helps with relief and also helps drain your lunges. Stand at the front of your mat and place your feet hip width apart and parallel. Bend knees and fold your torso over your thighs. Either hang or fold your arms.

Hold for 1 minute.

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