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Breathing exercises can help with stress management and overall well-being. When practicing any breathing exercise, "always inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Keep your shoulders relaxed, and don't shrug them" (Google, 2017). Try this: fill and empty your lower lungs 8 to 10 times. Next, add the second step to your breathing: inhale first into your lower lungs as before, and then continue inhaling into your upper chest" (Google, 2017). Inhale, exhale, repeat. How do you feel? #selflove #bodylove #bodypositivity #sharethelove #sharetheselflove #FIT4MOM #mamabewell #positivity #strength #FIT_4_MOM #strengthinmotherhood #themotherhoodisreal

Healthy Pumpkin Spice Latte + Fall Golden "Milk"


When it comes to fall, there is nothing quite like a pumpkin spice latte. But, ditch the drive-thru and try this homemade, healthy pumpkin spice latte.

The weather outside may be frightful, but cozying up with a homemade latte or golden milk is anything but...who says pumpkin flavored things are just for fall?! We beg to differ, because these pumpkin spice latte and "fall" golden milk recipes are good ALL year long. Grab your favorite mug and warm up by making the recipes found here at http://blog.fit4mom.com/healthy-pumpkin-spice-latte; direct link in bio

It's time to start with you. It's time to start loving yourself for all the things that you ARE instead of all the things that you aren't. Join us in this self-love gratitude challenge and show us how you #selflove using the hashtag #sharetheselflove #selflove #bodylove #bodypositivity #sharethelove #sharetheselflove #FIT4MOM #mamabewell #positivity #strength #FIT_4_MOM #strengthinmotherhood #themotherhoodisreal

Whether you're a size 2, a size 12, or a size 22, your curves and your heart and your soul make you an incredible human and an incredible woman. It's time we start looking at ourselves in the mirror and loving everything that we see...the stretch marks from birthing a baby or breastfeeding 3 kids. The dark circles under our eyes that means we our nurturing our children by wake-ups to nightmares and late-night feedings. The saggy skin from carrying a baby for 9 months. The cellulite from enjoying LIFE and eating the cake and not regretting it. For all the beautiful pieces of ourselves that make us human and make us women and mothers. #selflove #bodylove #bodypositivity #sharethelove #sharetheselflove #FIT4MOM #mamabewell #positivity #strength #FIT_4_MOM #strengthinmotherhood #themotherhoodisreal

DAY 13 CHALLENGE: Get dolled up! Do you usually sleep on wet hair and throw it into a bun in the morning? Do you run out the door with no makeup on? Put an extra pep into your step by curling your hair today, wearing some lipstick, or trying out some new makeup. Not into any of that? Grab your favorite chapstick and give your lips some love, or put lotion on to soothe winter skin. #mamabewell

Nicole Bennion: Fitness for your Prenatal/ Postnatal Pregnancy

Nicole Bennion: Fitness for your Prenatal/ Postnatal Pregnancy

Join Nicole Bennion, franchise owner and instructor at FIT4MOM Murray, to discuss the prenatal and postnatal body when it come to fitness. Get to know what happens to you body, how to train it properly and what are the best exercise for you . You'll also get a quick demo workout provided by FIT4MOM Murray! Stroller Strides/Fit4Baby certifications AFAA Personal Training & Group Fitness certification Franchise Owner 515.710..9207 www.murray.fit4mom.com c o m e . g e t . s o c i a l . w i t h . u s #themotherhoodisreal

Day 12 Challenge: Try a new recipe! Whether you love to cook or hate to cook, we challenge you to get into the kitchen today. Pick a meal you want to go all out and try something new. Are you usually in too much of a hurry to eat a proper breakfast? Wake up an extra 15 minutes early to make yourself an egg sandwich or bowl of oatmeal and fruit. Usually use Uber Eats to order lunch to your office? Pack a lunch today. Order take-out or use processed foods for dinner? Cook something from scratch for you and your family...kids included! Try something new and see how it goes. #mamabewell

When mama takes care of herself, she takes care of her family. We just finished our first week of the #mamabewell self-love challenge, and are heading into week 2, but it's not too late to join! Visit blog.fit4mom.com for week 2's calendar, and whether you joined us for week one or are just joining in for week two, we are so proud of you for taking time for YOU. #mamabewell DAY 11 CHALLENGE: Digital detox! #mamabewell http://blog.fit4mom.com/

Day 11: Digital Detox! We know this will send chills down your spine and leave you saying "NO WAY, JOSE!" But we dare you to not open Instagram today. Or Facebook. Seriously. And if that is too much of a major withdrawal for you, or you have to for work, open it ONCE. Are you on social media for work? Schedule your posts ahead of time for the day! (Hootsuite is an example). You'll probably be shocked at how much extra time you have, how reconnected you feel with your family, how productive you are, and how much clearer your mind feels by walking away from social media for a day. Feeling the login itch? Reflect on your week, think about what makes you happy, think about your new year resolutions. This is the perfect time to journal, read, or really be hands-on with your kids or engage with your spouse. Reconnect! #mamabewell

When it comes to weekends, it's important to reconnect with our partners; whether it's our husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or even just a best friend when you need some TLC. Get out today or tonight and reconnect, catch-up, and do something FUN. What's your favorite date-day or date-night activity?? Also, today's #mamabewell challenge day 10: Organize your finances!

Today we're featuring #OurVillage, our free playgroups for any mama already part of our Fit4Mom Murray- Stroller Stride/Barre, Body Back, Fit4Baby, & Run Clubvillage or not! ALL mamas welcome! We also plan mom's night outs, family days, and other get-togethers. We offer Our Village playgroups on Friday's at 10:30 am, but check out our full schedule at murray.fit4mom.com for more info on our local activities and more! #FIT4MOM #OurVillage #themotherhoodisreal FIT4MOM

DAY 8 CHALLENGE: Schedule you and your family appointments! We are over a month into the new year, and we know there are appointments you've been meaning to schedule for yourself, Mama! Call the dentist and get into your 6-month check-up. Has it been 8 or 9 months, or even longer? Your teeth are the only set you get! Get them sparkling...have you been avoiding your primary care, the dermatologist, the OBGYN, or another specialist? Call them. Schedule the appointment. Make time for your health. #mamabewell

Share the Love this February!


Preheader text This February, Share the Love Working out is always better among friends. So this month, we're sharing the love! Invite a mama to try a free Stroller Strides class, And if it's love at first Stride, get half off their first month and YOUR next month! Sign up here JOIN FIT4MOM MURRAY I...

Check this February deal out! https://t.e2ma.net/cshare/inbound/f/8nqqub/89ad67ee345792c385ec69d6469ca7aa

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Stroller Barre

We are launching Stroller Barre Sept 13th! Don't miss this fun ballet-themed workout class!

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